What is RFP?

Renovation for Profit (RFP), an initiative by Abiel, helps to renovate investment properties with the main goal of maximizing return on investment (ROI) for their investors’ portfolio.

RFP achieves this goal through asset enhancement initiatives, i.e. strategic renovations focused on achieving the highest rental income (cashflow) and capital gains (net worth) for the property investors. Additionally, we oversee the day-to-day management of the property portfolio to ensure optimal performance and minimal hassle so that investors can focus on making their wealth grow.



Singapore commercial properties is by far the most lucrative, strongest & safest asset class.

Foreigners are able to own freehold & landed commercial properties in Singapore without incurring any ABSD. It provides the same high potential returns to both foreigners & Singaporeans, which meant room for more investors to grow their wealth through this sector.

Real Estate is a great asset during economic downturn.

Real estate serves as an effective hedge against inflation due to its positive correlation with rental income and capitalization rates.

During economic downturns, real estate has proven time and again to be a resilient asset class. With the right strategies in place, investors can gain from it regardless of the economy. RFP is here to help investors optimize their portfolio to their fullest potential.

Increased additional buyer stamp duty  (ABSD) for foreigners & locals

While condominium investments continues to be limited by cooling measures, the shift towards commercial real estate is hampered by the lack of skills and knowledge among investors, despite it being a profitable segment.

Apart from that, there is also a knowledge gap even in the much talked about residential properties, especially landed properties. Few are able to truly maximize their wealth with the goldmine they are sitting on.

Huge potential for owners to repurpose & upgrade their property.

Discounts can be found in properties that require repurposing or upgrading due to the lack of expertise and the complexity of asset enhancement for non-professional teams.

Tax haven for corporations and high net worth individuals.

Investing in commercial property in Singapore can provide several tax benefits.

However, there are some very common challenges owners of investment properties face despite knowing the upside of properties as an asset.

Problems Owners Face

Lack of expertise & a capable execution team to handle renovation & property management research and planning on your behalf.

Renovation of investment property in Singapore can be a very stressful and daunting task for investors, hence many are unsure how to approach them.

Uncertainty regarding the potential return, yield, and capital gain after the renovation, leading to hesitancy in proceeding with the project.

Concerns about income loss due to low market rental rates and the perceived decline in building value over time, especially if the property is currently tenanted.

Apprehension about the significant upfront cash and capital outlay commitment required for renovations.

High interest rates offered by banks for loans, typically ranging from 4% to 5% per annum.

Limited availability of funds from banks for renovation loans, restricting the amount you can borrow

And hence RFP is born to help investors tackle some of these challenges.


How our solutions can help.

We ensure your ROI by providing upfront cost estimates, projected rental returns, & indicative valuations for capital gains. Our team works closely with you until the desired return is achieved, sharing the risk with owners. With a proven track record, we have successfully delivered projected returns with a 100% success rate to date.

RFP brings together the best expertise & execution team, with a strong track record of success in managing over 200 properties. Once renovations are completed, you will have access to our property management team, ensuring a hassle-free experience for your property portfolio.

Our team focuses on maximizing opportunity and value. We increase occupancy rates, more than double rental incomes, enhance capital gains by up to seven figures, improve building efficiency, and enhance the flexibility of building usage, resulting in significant capital gains.


What properties are suitable.

*We will have to assess your property to check for suitability for Asset Enhancement works to be done. If they don’t give you good returns, we will advise you accordingly.*



If your properties are facing low rental, high vacancy, poor conditions, not getting desired sale price, reach out to us for a discussion.